One of the disadvantages of planning and booking a trip way in advance is that you need to wait for a really long time to enjoy the outcome! The waiting is even more difficult when the destination happens to be a beach on the Caribbean Sea.

Though we began ticking the days off months in advance, we were also quite apprehensive on how Daivik (6 months old then) would react to his first flight, first vacation, first beach, and literally a list of many other firsts. Hence, most of the planning for this trip revolved around him and making sure we had everything we needed with us. Also, in order to make life a little easy for us we booked an All-Inclusive deal for a 3 night stay at the Gran Melia, Cancun.

The flight to Cancun was very uneventful and the little one slept through most of it. We reached the resort at round 12 pm (2 hours before check in time), it took about 10 minutes to complete the check in formalities and thankfully our room was promptly handed over to us. We had booked a room with a view of the sea and we were not disappointed when we stood out on our balcony.

Just standing there and gazing down at the pool and sea below, with the sea breeze blowing in my face was enough to relieve a week’s worth of stress. As expected, it did not take long for us to find ourselves in front of the calm blue waters.

Most of our trips are usually packed with “things to do” and “places to see”  and we spend a good portion of the time just running around trying to tick off a checklist. Knowing that, we try and make sure there is at least 1 vacation in a year, where we just sit back and relax and do nothing! Cancun was that trip for 2011. The 4 days we were there, we just sat by the sea or the pool, taking an occasional dip in the water and binging on the wide selection of food and drinks that were on offer (being on the all-inclusive really helped!). The only exception was one afternoon we took 3 hours off from our beach side paradise to go to the nearby Aqua world and take a submarine tour to view the corals and underwater aquatic life. It was 3 hours very well spent though!

One of the highlights of our stay was trying out the different dining options in the resort. There are about 5-6 restaurants in the resort and the food and drinks were pretty good in all the ones we tried. The buffet had a huge spread, and most restaurants also offered “ala carte” menus. The garlic grilled prawns and salmon in the ‘Verandah’ restaurant was awesome. There are two “reservations required” restaurants, Tempo (Mediterranean/Italian) and Kunah (exotic Mexican). We had reserved the Kunah a day before we left for the trip. I emailed the staff requesting for a reservation and they promptly replied within 2 hours confirming my reservation. We did not get a chance to try ‘Tempo’ as kids were not allowed. We did try the La-Perla and Quetzel restaurants, both are primarily for buffet and remember enjoying most of the stuff we ate.

Even without any major activities, it did not take long for the 4 days to fly by! Daivik was the perfect kid, and i think he enjoyed the warm tropical paradise almost as much as we did. If i had another day or two, I would probably have ventured out to see the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza (couple of hours from the Cancun hotel zone). That apart, it was a perfect holiday and I am glad we will always remember this trip as Daivik’s fist beach vacation!

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2 thoughts on “Cancun!!

  1. Sreyas

    You went all the way to Cuncun and Chichen Itza was an after thought.. I went all the way to Chichen Iitza and Cuncun was an after thought… how interesting!!!

  2. Well, actually i wouldn’t call it an afterthought…just that priorities were different 🙂

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