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Preparing for the first Road trip of 2012!

I have finally been able to convince Vaishakhi, so now starts my logistical planning for the 2000+ miles round trip we plan to undertake in a couple of weeks!

The drive would probably have been worth it just to see Mount Rushmore and the Badlands National Park. However since I began my research I have realized we cannot possibly return back without having spent a considerable amount of time in the Black Hills region, Custer State Park and the Wind Cave National Park! Lots to see, do and drive through… and I am really glad we’ll be in our good ole CRV to make the whole trip a lot more pleasurable.

Hopefully I’ll have the hotels booked soon and Vai would have gathered enough Elmo DVD’s to keep Daivik occupied during the long, long ride! 🙂

Missouri — Kansas — Nebraska — Iowa — South Dakota, and we’ll be driving through 3 of these states for the first time, cant wait to hit the road!!

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