How cool would it be if we could take a couple of months off every year to travel anywhere we desired! Almost everyone I know would jump at the opportunity 🙂 though most of them including myself, would probably never be able to take weeks off at a time (let alone months!!). However as the cliche’d saying goes, if you feel strongly about something, you should find a way of doing it…and fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to find ways of travelling as frequently as we could for the last couple of years now. (Did not even let our 14 month old hamper with any of the plans 🙂 he can proudly claim that he’s already been to 4 countries and 15 of the US states!)

Reflecting back on all the travel we do, i realized, that i spend a vast amount of my time thinking and planning about my trips than actually travelling! I also happened to realize that I am no longer able to recollect some of the details from the awesome trips we have made over the years and towards the end of every trip, almost always I seem to be promising myself to get back to the place someday in the future! Since there seem to be so many new places to see, I have not often returned back to an already visited destination. Though, I am hoping one day i will have run out of places (i wish!) or would feel so strongly that I would be compelled to go back .

This blog is for all those intended second trips that i plan to make one day 🙂

I hope to capture some of those memories (that would have otherwise probably faded away with time) so that i know what i missed and what I should do again !! Of course, I do hope some of you reading this will also find some use for all of my ramblings and put it to good use while planning your trips!!

Happy travelling…

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